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Documentary EU 013 The Last Frontier




April 16, 2014 from 9pm

Cinema dei Fabbri
Via dei Fabbri 2 / A

The first documentary shot in the Identification and Expulsion Centres.

The Association Auxilia, in collaboration with the ASGI (Association for Legal Studies on Immigration), the Cultural Association S \ Paesati and ICS - Office for Refugees, is pleased to present: "The last EU 013 frontier ".

After being presented in the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR 2014), the Festival International du Film des Droits de l'Homme (Paris 2014) and the 54th edition of the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, "EU 013 The Last Frontier " arrived in Trieste.

It is the first documentary shot inside the Centers for identification and expulsion (CIE), where each year about 8 thousand people are held for a period of time of up to 18 months in administrative detention regime, i.e. without having committed a criminal offense and without being judged in the course of a trial. Sixty minutes of unpublished images showing the background of the Italian border control and daily life in Cie. The protagonists are the agents of the Border Police and irregular migrants. Thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the cameras were able to get where no one had come before. From the waiting room of Terminal 3 at Fiumicino, where they are made to stop foreigners awaiting refoulement, to the cages of the centers in which there are forced repatriations.

EU 013 the Last Frontier was made by the authors Raffaella Cosentino and Alessio Genovese, director, with the support of Open Society Foundations. The film was shot at the international airport of Fiumicino, to the port of Ancona, and Cie in Rome, Bari and Trapani. Raffaella Cosentino will attend the screening and participate in the discussion after the viewing.

Useful information:

Admission: Euro 4,00

Contacts: Cinema dei Fabbri tel. 040302193

For info: eu013lultimafrontiera@gmail.com

Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/eu013ultimafrontiera

Twitter: @ EU013ultimafron




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