"Non giudicare le persone dai loro errori, ma dalla loro voglia di rimediare."
Bob Marley

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Presentation of the humanitarian convoy to Syria


Friday, April 19th, 2013 at 7.30pm

C / O Knulp The Hall of Roma Ricreatorio F. Penso
Muggia (TS)

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 at 7.30pm

C / O Knulp Via Madonna del Mare

Presentation of the convoy organized by Sebastiano Nino Fezza and @uxilia. This is an initiative to support children of Atma. Atma was a field of olive trees under which the people running away from the region of Idlib had found refuge.

Today there are 14,000 refugees and 3,600 children of which 900 infants. There are international associations. Everything is based on the spontaneous and erratic voluntary offerings. The tents are donations; there is no field kitchen there is only as a small tent used as a kitchen that can cater to only one hot meal per day. There is no hospital, there is only one infirmary tent, there is no running water. Water is brought in tanks with which each family fills his tank; there are 4 toilets in the entire field. There is no electricity. The children suffer from poor hygienic conditions; there are cases of scabies, lice and intestinal infections.

Atma is located within Syria. It should have been a "transit camp" which actually grew and continues to grow. The journey of refugees stopped in this area until it they find another place across the border. Today, given the large number of refugees, the camps in Syria have become final without the means to host these refugees.

The intervention should include several steps. The first is an emergency intervention that intends to respond to the immediate request of children. Winter causes many hardships at this time, especially for the inadequacy of the facilities. Many families have left their homes, bringing very little with them. Children have no shoes, no winter clothes, crying because of cold and hunger.



The evening of April 19th


The evening of April 20th


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