"Se un uomo non ha scoperto qualcosa per cui è disposto a morire, non è degno di vivere."
Martin Luther King

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The Syrian children: on the side of the last

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September 14, 2013 at 6pm

Palace of Conventions
Jesi (Ancona)

The Council for Peace, under the patronage of the Municipality of Jesi, is organizing a conference on the Syrian children, innocent victims of a war without end. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness in the face of this tragedy silenced by all the media, and promoting charity projects, already active since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, between Italy and Syria, by the non-profit associations such as @uxilia and Ossmei.

From 16.00 you can visit the exhibition "Lens of Syria" curated by Amina Dachan which will show photos made by young Syrian photographers, and for some of them, this is the last photo of their lives. The conference will start at 18:00 with the greeting of the municipal administration of Jesi, in person, by Luke Butini, Deputy Mayor and will continue with the activities of the following guests (available for free).


Enea Discepoli

Photojournalist (returned from Syria)

Asmae Dachan

Journalist (coming back from Syria)

Muhommed Gazi Nasimi

Doctor (coming back from Syria)

Sebastiano Nino Fezza

Video reporter (just returned from Syria)

Dario Gattafoni (Moderator)

President of Ordine Giornalisti Marche

Thank you for your cooperation AVIS Comunale di Jesi, CSV Marche, Jesi for Syria and Together for Syria. 


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