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Verona for Syria

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February 6, 2014

Copernico High School


Schools in Verona are interested in the war in Syria, particularly children who are the victims of devastation and violence. It was a meeting of the video journalist Sebastiano Nino Fezza working with @uxilia to send containers to the Syrian people.

Mary Toscano and Sebastiano Nino Fezza, tell the kids how the war is defeated with a smile, sending boxes of hope. "This commitment to Syria comes from a life spent in the Southern Hemisphere to tell about the miseries of man, so I call them. Telling of wars, telling of famines”,  the video reporter explains his motivation to help the weakest. Images of persons were taken to students with the aim to let them comprehend the daily lives in Syria, to help them understand that solidarity is possible. Mary Toscano says, “I opened a Facebook page for Syria Verona through which we will collect goods, groceries, clothes, shoes, and everything that is given to us. After that we will send a load that goes to Trieste, where @uxilia runs its operations.”




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