"Quando curi una malattia puoi vincere o perdere, quando ti prendi cura di una persona vinci sempre"
Patch Adams

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October 2nd 2011 at 3pm

Margherita Gardens’ Chalet,
Bologna, via Meliconi 1

In the setting of Volontassociate, the bolognaise feast of volunteering and association, a meting was held in order to introduce the project “The Frail City”, in cooperation with @uxilia Onlus, promoted by Auser Bologna and funded by the department for Job and Social Politics.

The project involves a net of many associations like Piazza Grande, BandieraGialla, Forum Terzo Settore of Bologna, @uxilia, Avvocato di Strada, Asvo. It takes the chance, offered by the European Year of Volunteering, to propose a path through which realizing a concrete answer to new forms of poverty and exclusion, with special regard to the elderly.

In fact the realization it’s considered of many activities in three different districts of Bologna (Navile, Savena and Porto), starting from the activation of legal guardianship help desks, to meals distribution, until the promotion of meeting and training moments.

The recreation-community centres Villa Torchi, Andrea Costa e Casa del Gufo, that are attended

by many old people living in these districts, will be used as a “base of operations”, the place where the greatest part of the initiatives will be promoted and realized.

An essential part of the project will also be the activity of raising awareness, giving information and supporting prevention. The means used will be informational brochures, spot-videos, the publishing of journalistic inquiries and of an edition of the monthly magazine SocialNews dedicated to the elderly’s problems.




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